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Who Moved My Cheese

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Social Science
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Running Head: “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” “Who Moved My Cheese?” Video Response Student’s Name Professor Course Date 1 VIDEO RESPONSE 2 “Who Moved My Cheese” Video Response I can identify instances in my life when I have behaved like each of the four characters. When I was an intern, I worked hard thinking that I would get a job after school until the HRM called me to her office to uniform me that the vacancies were full, and the company could not promise me a position after my internship. Before she called, me I behaved like Scurry because I just rushed to the office with expectations without sniffing. The news became stressful and killed my motivation for a moment. After I lost my motivation, for two days I delivered close to nothing wondering why she could have made such a decision. At that point I behaved like Hem; stuck in my past dreams. For some moment, I thought that it was right to quit midway and not even get graded, but I realized the value of my education, so I kept going and delivered very quality work every other day, regardless of the fact that they were not going to employ me. This was me behaving like Haw; persistent. After the internship, I had a ve ...
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