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Become A Master Negotiator

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Running Head: BECOME A MASTER NEGOTIATOR Course title: BECOME A MASTER NEGOTIATOR Student name: School affiliation: Professor’s name: Date 1 BECOME A MASTER NEGOTIATOR 2 The main goal of negotiation is to settle differences between two parties when an agreement is achieved in order to avoid dispute or arguments later. Good negotiations contribute to better relationships and business success. In order to achieve a long term relationship after negotiation, it’s good to be honest and commit yourself to fulfill the terms and conditions made during the negotiation process (Fisher, 2011). In case a party fails to fulfill the promises made during negotiation, they fail the other party and the other party loses confidence and no valuable relationship can be made in future. Negotiation is important for it enables one to access goals in advance and plan systematically (Lewicki, 2010). Negotiation is not inborn as most people believe; it requires training, some intelligence and skills in order to fulfill commitments made. Such an incidence once happened to me at my place of work in a herbs exporting company whereby the technical manager resigned during the December holiday which was ...
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