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PSY 325 week 4 discussion




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What does this correlation tell you?
Correlation statistics represents relationships between data instead of cause. Therefore first and
foremost, this correlation tells you that there is definitely a relationship between SAT scores and
high family income. Specifically, it tells us that the higher the family’s income, it is predicted
then that the SAT scores of that individual to be high.
Is this correlation evidence that having a high family income causes one to have highSAT
No. For one, there is a difference between correlation and cause. Correlation shows a relationship
but it does not distinguish if one variable causes the other to happen. There is no evidence that
the high income causes the high scores, but that there is a relation. Is this correlation evidence
that high SAT scores are a cause of higher income? Or, does this tell you something else?
Explain your answer.No it does not. It simply tells us that there is a relationship between the two.
An analysis of variance would have to be performed to even possibly show this cause.
Explain why correlation alone is rarely sufficient to demonstrate cause.
Correlation alone shows just the relationship between the data. The correlation formulas are not
designed to account for all variables that could demonstrate cause such as the ANOVA. Without
being able to take into account numerous amounts of variables that could cause a certain
behavior, you cannot accurately demonstrate that one variable causes another.

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