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Healthy Eating Plan 1
Healthy Eating Plan Comparison
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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison
Since the beginning of this class I could see how bad my eating habits really are.
However, that has changed a little and I hope for the change to continue until I have reached my
eating habit goals. In the past I ate whatever was easily prepared because of time restraints; now
that I have removed the time restraints what I eat has made a drastic change. It will still be a long
road to completely change my habits but as this paper will show that the first steps have been
The biggest change that was made is in the milk and fruit groups. In the past those groups
were nonexistent in the foods which I consumed, now I have included both groups and will
continue to do so. Since I rarely consumed items from this group in the past my results from
week 1 were at zero percent, now the milk group has increased 200 percent. The
recommendation of milk consumption is set at 3 cups or the equivalent and my consumption is
up to 2 cups a day (Student, 2010). The fruit group was also at zero since I rarely consume any
fruit; now that I have decided to change my eating habits I have included fruits in my meals. The
increase in fruit consumption is at 200 percent going from zero to 2 cups a day. The
recommendation of fruits in my diet is at 2.5 cups a day or the equivalent; I would say that I am
almost there. These groups are the ones that I have actually done very well in changing; the
others still need to be corrected to show a positive change.
The meat and beans group shows a slight change but it is still above the recommended
amount. At the beginning of this class the amount reported was 18.8 ounces or the equivalent,
this is 11.8 ounces above the recommendations given (Student, 2010). Now after changing what I
consume the amount was reduced to 12.6 ounces or the equivalent. It seems there is still some
need to reduce this even more but for right now it will have to do. Another change that I will do

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in order for reducing the amount of this group will be to reduce what I eat at breakfast. Instead of
eating extra bacon or sausage I will only eat a small portion. This should reduce the ounces to the
recommended amounts and help me stay on a recommended and healthier diet.
The vegetable group is almost right on, and considering my love for vegetables this was a
hard change. Last time I reported on my eating habits the amount reported was 7.5 cups a day or
the equivalent on a recommended amount of 3.5 cups a day or the equivalent (Student, 2010).
That amount has been reduced to 4.5 cups or the equivalent which is almost right on for the
recommendations given. To be able to drop the extra portions I eat right now will prove to be
most difficult and will probably remain the same for now. So the last group to mention has just as
good a change as the rest.
The grains group of the pyramid has proven to be very easy to change. During the first
week of class the amount of grain consumption reported was 4.5 ounces or the equivalent with
the recommendation set at 10 ounces or the equivalent (Student, 2010). That amount has been
raised to 9.2 ounces or the equivalent by following some online tips from the web
site. One of the changes I made in my eating habits is having toast in the mornings as well as
eating Mexican styled doughnuts (without sugar or frosting added) in the mornings with my
coffee if breakfast is out of the question. These changes have been hard and they are things I
never would have thought about in the past, but now that I can see how bad things were and how
things are starting to look now I am glad I decided to change in the areas where I could.
With all the changes I have made my nutrients intake and calorie intake have changed as
well. According to the pyramid tracker I am only receiving 2308 calories on average per day; this
is low compared to my recommended amount of 2825 calories. With these new developments I

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