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EN 306 Final Study Guide
Chapter 1
Qualities of eective communication
Communication process
Ethical communication
o Culture, stereotyping, ethnocentrism, etc.
Chapter 2
Advantages and disadvantages of working in teams
Collaborative writing
Table 2.1
Productive meetings
Listening process
Nonverbal communication
Chapter 3
Three-step writing process
Pros and cons of dierent media
Factors to help choose proper media
Direct versus indirect approaches
Chapter 4
“You” attitude
Emphasizing positive
Bias – Table 4.1
Establishing credibility
Composing your message
o pp.76-83

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Chapter 5
Revising your message
Be familiar with the “rules” for clear, concise writing, pp.93-99
Designing for readability
Chapter 6
Adapting the three-step process for successful e-mail
Creating eective business blogs, Understanding applications
Wiki writing
Chapter 7
Three-step process for routine and positive messages
Requests, pp.144-148
Routine replies and positive messages, pp. 148-154
Chapter 8
Three-step process for negative messages
Direct approach – when and why
Indirect approach – when and why
Refusing routine requests
Giving negative performance reviews
Chapter 9
Three-step writing process for persuasive messages
Framing your argument – AIDA
Illustration and box on P. 205
Balancing logical and emotional appeals
Anticipating objections
Developing marketing sales messages
Applying AIDA
Writing persuasive messages for social media

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Chapter 10
Applying the three-step model to reports and proposals
Figure 10.1. p. 233
Gathering information and selecting media
Evaluating sources
Primary and secondary research
Planning and organizing informational reports
Planning analytical reports
This test will be open book. The questions will fall into three categories:
Short answer
Fill in the blank / true-false
o Questions like we’ve been doing in class – a situation in which
you’ll have to write a document for an answer
o Questions involving a “how-to” or “what-if”
o Questions in which you “repair” a document

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Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.