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Running head: SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT CENSOR ARTS Draft: Should the Government Censor Arts Name Institution Affiliation SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT CENSOR ARTS 2 Should the Government Censor Arts There are moral grounds associated with the field of arts. In particular, the arts’ institutions collaborate with artists from around the world that do not share the same moral obligations in foreign nations as they do in their local teaching environments. Based on a particular case of sexual obscenity in coaching female artists, it is not justified for the government to censor art, but should implement a sector policy that defines consent levels of arts’ students in compromising teaching environments. Case Brief The fierce social condemnation that was unleashed by the denunciation against sexual predators in the film industry, in business and in politics is now entering the world of art, transformed into an instance of unpardonable censorship. The decision of the prestigious National Gallery of Art, in Washington D.C., to indefinitely postpone the scheduled exhibition of the prominent artist Chuck Close when accusations of sexual harassment against him arise is regrettable. It is possible that the name Close has little resonance among the Latin American public, but in the art world the artist enjoys enormous prestige because his monumental paintings and photographs have redefined the art of portraiture (McGlone, 2018). In none of the accusations against this dyslexic and quadripleg ...
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