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  !""#!$ !#!%&!#"!%"!"'( '!%
"" )""'*+#!!%& "% "!"!#"!%& !",
 -%!#!" #.""/" "!%"+##%&!#""0"/1"!%,
 Thrush, dry skin, and thirst
 Dehydration, blurred vision, and slow healing
 Inability to produce liver glucose
None of the above
 "'""!%&!#% !"!%!#"!%23!2!#'"%&"'!%/'!%% 
 Obesity (accumulation of both nutritional and body fat)
 Lack of physical activity
 Work
4 ."%/1/ !#!"!%"/'%"(/%/*%5.5# %"!#. .
/'%"(2&'2*!%!#"!%&!#% 5#'#  ,
a. It is because the body doesn't have enough energy.
b. It is because the body is thirsty/dehydrated.
c. It is because glucose regulation is done by the liver.

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d. It is because the liver is diseased and cannot produce glycolytic enzymes.
5. Which is these diabetic ailments is NOT true?
a. Diabetic nephrology is the disease of the liver by diabetes.
b. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease caused by too much blood glucose.
c. Diabetic neuropathy leads to numbness.
d. Diabetes leads to dry skin.
6. This sexually transmitted disease is characterized by chancres (sores), painless ulcers,
dementia, and flu-like symptoms. Which of these STD's has these signs and symptoms?
 Gonorrhea
 Trichomoniasis
 AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
7. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a set of diseases upon the human body
because it lacks a strong immune system. Which is of these methods of transmission is
NOT valid?
 MTC (mother to child transmission)
 IDU (intravenous drug use)
 Kissing (sharing saliva)
None of the above
8. Which of these STD's is associated with heavy consumption of alcohol?
 Syphillis
 Chlamydia
 Hepatitis (A, B, & C)

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9. Communicable means "object to person"; contagious means "person to person". Which
of these can be both?
 Syphillis
 Trichiomoniasis
 HPV
10. This STD is characterized by HPV (human papillomavirus). No symptoms are
immediately evident, whitish/flesh-colored bumps appear, and there is slight
discharge/bleeding involved.
a. Genital warts
b. Crabs
c. Syphillis
d. Chlamydia
11. Explain the nature of stimulants (i.e., the definiton), articulate the nature (what they do),
and provide an example.
12. How can steroids and hormones be drugs to the human body?
13. Based on your knowledge on certain hormones (examples: endorphins, dopamine, and
serotonin), how can food become a drug?

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