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MKT 510 Your family owns an upscale jewelry store.




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Your family owns an upscale jewelry store. Because you are marketing major, your
father asked you to develop an advertisement for the store. You know that it is
important for consumers to pay attention to your ad or else the money you've spent on
media exposure is wasted. Define attention, discuss how five of the several stimulus
factors influence attention to a stimulus, and explain how you can use each in your
Whatever be the advertisement the concept behind that is fully focused on the attention for
the consumer. Here it is defined as the concentration to which the process and its activities
are fully formulated to move in to the targeted stimulus. The influencing factors are perceived
with an attention to their amount, shade, arrangement, originality and duplication. The
amount of the motivation has a superior collision on the consideration of the consumers as
superior the dimension the additional will be the concentration towards that announcement.
The advertisement colors have to be something attractive to draw more attention in the
satisfaction of customers to stay back in the positional background. Location of the
announcement whether on small screen or on signpost also have an effect on the awareness of
the addressees. A memorable purpose in an original circumstance tends to create a midpoint
of consideration consequently with an announcement be supposed to use emblem and bits
and pieces that are recognizable to the spectators. Repetition also creates an illustration in the
mind of the spectators.

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