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Youth Violence

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Running head: YOUTH VIOLENCE 1 Youth Violence Name Tutor Institution Course Date YOUTH VIOLENCE 2 Youth violence has been considered to be a global health issue which ranges from acts of bullying, physical assault, sexual assault and even physical fighting with some instances leading to homicide. Cases of youth homicide and related violence have contributed to a huge global burden consisting of premature death, fatal injuries as well as cases of disabilities. Some of the causes of youth violence include media influence, the kind of neighborhood one is from, domestic as well as child abuse, peer pressure and insufficient guardian supervision among others. Mental illnesses have also at times been associated with youth violence (CDC, 2018). Both public health and criminal enforcement programs have made their contribution towards preventing youth violence. In my opinion I believe youth violence should be treated using both medical and criminal model because of the benefits that each model brings to the table. Even though health practitioners come up with strategies to prevent youth violence, they will still need some of the criminal justice methods to fully curb the issue. As suc ...
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