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Running Head: PSYCHOSOCIAL ASSESSMENT Individual Psychosocial Assessment Student’s name Institution Date 1 PSYCHOSOCIAL ASSESSMENT 2 VIGNETTE 1 Identifying information Client Name : Julia Lopez Sex : Female Race : White Ethnicity : Hispanic Marital status : Married Referral statement Julia Lopez referral came from Child Protective Services (CPS) after a teacher reported to them that Susie, Julia’s youngest daughter reported that they had nothing to eat at home. Problem statement Presenting problem Ever since Julia Lopez lost her accounting job, her life has become miserable. She complains that nothing is going well for her. Her husband is rarely at home, therefore, she has to take care of the children by herself as well as attend to her ill mother who lives quite a distant from Julie. She is forced to commute for 30 minutes twice a day to her mother’s place. Julia has given up looking for a new job and has indulged in marijuana use. Precipitating events The events in Julia’s life that have led to the current problem are losing of the accounting job and her mother falling sick. History of the problem PSYCHOSOCIAL ASSESSMENT 3 Julia was once married to a violent husband and when the husband was imprisoned, she married a track driver who is rarely at home. When she lost her job four months ago the pressure became too much as she had the children and her mother to take care of all by herself. Julia had a history of drinking alcohol and she has recently ...
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