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Access Owners Responses

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1 Running Head: RESPONSES Responses Name Course University RESPONSES 2 Introduction Access owners play a significant role in concern to the data in an organization. They are at the forefront in maintaining data integrity and preventing its alteration in an organization. This paper seeks to analyze the documents of 2-course mates according to their understanding and explanations of the roles of access owners. Post 1 I agree with the first post that assigning privileges according to roles of the users is crucial in the regulation of data on the premise of protecting the data. According to the meaning of an access owner, he/she is solely responsible for ensuring that the sensitivity of data is ranked and made accessible according to user posts. Access owners’ policy is responsible for the spread of job roles by identifying the jobs that need consideration in a company. The policies made by access owners define the legal and ethical consequences of destruction, alteration or disclosure of organizational data. The policies are essential in the detection of data loopholes that can be exploited by the users or unauthorized personnel. Post 2 I agree with the second post because acc ...
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