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Practical Connection Of Cloud Computing Course Concepts

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Computer Science
University of the Cumberlands
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Course Title Student Name Institution Affiliation 1 Practical Connection of Cloud Computing Course Concepts The IT industry depends wholly on information, and cloud computing provided IT personnel with the perfect platform for testing new techniques and software. Security threats such as hackings often face the computer and IT industry, hence cloud security is always on demand. Cloud Computing is one of the latest forms of technology, primarily because of its numerous uses. It can be applied in several fields since it is an upgrading technology used for backups which reduce risks which are associated with hardware failure. It is very secure, and most users believe that cloud security is the best form of security in the modern technological world. With security and reliability being the primary concerns, financial institutions are increasingly using cloud-based services to attain the required agility and lower the total cost of security. It also doesn't require extra space for every system whenever there is a need for its use (Satyanarayana, 2016). Concepts, knowledge and theories of cloud computing which I have acquired in this course will help me in many ways as I will apply the ...
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