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ATI PN PHARMACOLOGY PROCTORED EXAM 1. A patient has been admitted to the hospital numerous times. The nurse asks the patient to share a personal story about the care that has been received. Which interaction is the nurse using? a. Nonjudgmental b. Socializing c. Narrative d. SBAR ANS: C In a therapeutic relationship, nurses often encourage patients to share personal stories. Sharing stories is called narrative interaction. Socializing is an important initial component of interpersonal communication. It helps people get to know one another and relax. It is easy, superficial, and not deeply personal. Nonjudgmental acceptance of the patient is an important characteristic of the relationship. Acceptance conveys a willingness to hear a message or acknowledge feelings; it is not a technique that involves personal stories. SBAR is a popular communication tool that helps standardize communication among health care providers. SBAR stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. 2. Before meeting the patient, a nurse talks to other caregivers about the patient. Which phase of the helping relationship is the nurse in with this patient? a. Preinteraction b. Orientation c. Working d. Termination ANS: A The time before the nurse meets the patient is called the preinteraction phase. This phase can involve things such as reviewing available data, including the medical and nursing history, talking to other caregivers who have information about the patient, or ...
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