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Describe how organizations can become corrupt, using Trautmann’s ‘corruption continuum’ as a guide. The corruption continuum developed by Neal Trautmann to explain unethical actions by police officers involves four levels. These can be effectively used to explain how organizations can become corrupt and in this case, an urban police department. The levels are as follows; 1. Implementation of policies that will make the police officers aware of the ethical rules and regulations required of them to follow. If this is not done, then corruption will surely result. This is because, the officers in the said department will not be aware of the moral/ethical obligations that they are required to attain as concerns corruption. As a result, they will openly take part and even permit acts of corruption to prevail for the lack of knowledge of the effects. Eventually, corruption as a vice will crop up in the institution. 2. Covering up among police officers. Here, the idea of concealing unethical practices among police officers is brought to light. In an organization, particularly a police department, unethical practices are likely to occur, sometimes as a result of the first point discussed, that is lack of information. In the event of an offence like this, the offender may escape punishment, reprimanding or necessary yet appropriate legal action as a result of covering up by a colleague. This will permit the prevailing of unethical practices in the organization and thus the organi ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.