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Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis 1
Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis
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Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis 2
The problem that is discussed in this paper is having made sure those entrepreneurs
are making the appropriate decisions to assure they have a successful venture. A model of
Individual decision-making with regard to entrepreneurs issues within the context of an
Organizational setting is proposed that emphasizes the interaction of various groups of
Influences on ethical decisions. Some of these influences are ordinary things such as
Making decisions on how they will disseminate information effectively to increase
Productivity. The problem in this paper that must be solved is for entrepreneurs to not
Make decisions that will jeopardize the future of his or her business venture. I researched
Pro Quest and the course text to determine if there were any factors involved in the
Decision making process and how they affect the entrepreneur. If an entrepreneur follows
The appropriate steps to good management decision-making then he or she will be a
Successful entrepreneur and can build a solid foundation for a starting or expanding a
Business venture.

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Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis 3
Making and the way it affects an entrepreneurs business venture. The entrepreneurial
Process could in short be described as the uncovering of an opportunity, the decision to
Take advantage of or not, the mobilizing of resources when it comes to both acquiring and
Organizing them in new ways, and to construct an appropriate strategy for the new
Company. Furthermore, the process if influenced by factors such as the one I will describe
In this paper and that is how a mere decision can make or break an organization.
Entrepreneurial decision-making is evidently essential for any organization
Because on a decision made depends the operation, productivity and survival of a
Company. Generally, decision-making is considered a basic facet of management and a
Key management role, however; while making decisions, a significant part of this process
Is being able to perform the informational role effectively. This role consists in
Monitoring, sorting out, and dispensing information. In addition, this part of
Entrepreneurial work is the same important as other parts of it.
While the entrepreneur has the chance to access information, he or she has the
Authority to make decisions based upon to what is known. In addition, these decisions
Will be organizational calculated resolutions. Moreover, managers have to be aware of the
Ways they can use the available information. Careful decision-making while properly
Utilizing business related information would allow an entrepreneur to successfully set the
Foundation of their business.

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