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BUS 370 AU OMM614 Week5 Written Assignment




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Entrepreneurial Innovaon 1
Entrepreneurial Innovations
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The problem at hand is that entrepreneurs are constantly faced with the pressure of

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Entrepreneurial Innovaon 2
Improving ways to make thing easier for the consumer. This issue is very important
Because innovations have made past business a success and has continued to work out
This way. This paper aims at determining whether technological innovations is indeed a
Beneficial tool for entrepreneurs as they begin or expand a business venture. I have
Reviewed a study form the source, Pro Quest that assisted in further clarification of the
Effectiveness of the Internet and it capabilities based on how popular it has become. As I
Concluded my research it was determined that technological innovations is a highly
Beneficial tool for entrepreneurs especially by using the Internet to improve their
Communications between themselves and other businesses. This information could allow
Entrepreneurs to expand their business and eventually become a success in the way
Similar businesses has done while exploring and applying the latest technological
Entrepreneurial Innovations
In this paper, I will discuss what technological innovations are, the risks involved,

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Entrepreneurial Innovaon 3
And the impact it has on social and organizational change. New sciences have contributed
To technology as times passed. Innovation is a new way of doing something, and in most
Cases making certain functions or tasks easier. Technological innovations involve the use
Of technology, mostly in an electronic manner; however, some are using solar electricity
And more efficient means of producing energy. Entrepreneurs have been evidently
Focusing on more technological advances to improve organizational productivity and
Effectiveness by alleviating some of the overbearing burdens that are constantly placed
Upon employees.
These days, technological innovations have changed our modern world
Significantly and amazingly. Among ample innovations, I think the Internet plays an
Extremely important role with helping entrepreneurs get messages across to other
Businesses alike and associated clients. According to the text, the author defined
Technological innovation as “New products with significant technological advancement”
(Hisrich, 2010). Most of these innovations have been introduced to the market with little
Or no significance.
Obviously, the greatest contribution of the Internet for entrepreneurs is in
Communication. In an online study, the author stated, “The number of users worldwide

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.