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Marketing Audit

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Running Head: MARKETING AUDIT 1 Marketing Audit for Honest Tea Company Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course title: Date: MARKETING AUDIT 2 The marketing audit is a very important tool that helps to control the performance of a given product or company in the market. The marketing audit gives the organization an opportunity to determine the direction that the company should take in order to reach the set market goals. It is an instrument for reviewing the progress that has been made by a company towards the achievement of the goals. The evaluation that is provided by the marketing audit is critical in transforming the performance of the company or a product in the market. In this paper, a market audit of the beverage products provided by Honest Tea will be conducted to evaluate the performance of the company in the beverage industry. Honest Tea is a beverage company that has specialized in the production and distribution of organically prepared and non-carbonated tea products which have a greater health benefit to the consumers (MacBride, 2015). The company's objective is anchored in the production of fresh beverage free from any additive in order to promote the health and wellness of the customers. In this regard, the company has been committed to providing and developing quality Tea brands that would enable it to thrive through the dynamic market environment. The Internal marketing Environment Honest Tea has been endowed with great resources that aid i ...
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