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MGT415 Week 2 Discussion 2




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Informal groups exist in almost every kind of organization. Answer the following questions
and provide examples to support your position:
•What types of informal groups do you belong to in your workplace?
•How do norms of the informal groups to which you belong influence your behavior and
that of other group members?
Within the formal structure of the organization there will always be an informal structure. The
formal structure of the organization and system of role relationship, rule and procedures, will be
augmented by interpretation and development at the informal level. Informal groups are based
more on personal relationships and agreement of group members than on defined role
relationships . They serve to satisfy social needs not related necessarily to the task to be
undertaken. Groups may devise ways of attempting to satisfy member affiliations and other
social motivations which are lacing in the work situation. At work, one of the informal groups
that I belong to is “better work environment”. It was created for workers to discuss work
challenges. It has been ongoing for many years. In it is discussed the problems that have come
up. What is the relationship that has developed with the problems? We mostly just try to come
up with ways to make work better for the employees on a personal basis.

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