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COM 537 Week 1 DQ 3




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How can creating an outline improve your written communication? What types of
organizational patterns exist, and how might you use them?
Creating an outline helps to organize your message. An outline can help you to
remember everything that you want to communicate. It can act as a map for one to refer to as
they structure their communication. Deciding which type of organization pattern to use
should be based on what will make the message easiest to understand for the receiver.
According to our text, the four types of organization patterns are chronological, spatial,
importance and topical. A chronological pattern is best used when communicating time-
sensitive information or for showing a timeline to relate the past and present. A spatial outline
is a picture of events and where they occur best used for descriptions and communication
about geographical regions. The importance outline presents information by their significance
and can be manipulated to show least to most important, least to most costly, or vice versa. A
topical pattern groups similar items together. It is helpful for grouping items into relatable
sections to make it easier for receivers to understand. When making a decision on which type
of organization outline pattern to use, the sender should first consider the material being
presented and the audience to whom it is being presented.
Stuart, B. E., Sarow, M. S., & Stuart, L. (2007). Integrated business communication in a
global marketplace . West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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