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PSY 100 Week 2 discussion 1 “Psychological Issues”:In the simulation, you helped Rodrigo to deal wit




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PSY 100 Week 2 discussion 1 “Psychological Issues”
In the simulation, you helped Rodrigo to deal with psychological issues that were interfering
with his performance in the PSY 100 course. Identify two (2) psychological issues that are likely
to be barriers to your scholarly progress. Suggest two (2) strategies that you could use in order to
overcome each of these issues. Explain the key ways in which you will implement these
strategies in order to ensure that you do well in this course.
Two psychological issues are stress and anxiety that are potential scholarly barriers for me.
Moreover I am a full time student, meanwhile I am a full time worker and I have to take care of
my family and three dogs in my home. During the week, I often manage many duties and do not
have enough sleep and diet. Under work pressure leads for having constant headaches. One
strategy that really helps me to overcome stress is making a list of my works and noting the thing
on my calendar to visually, from that I can manage my schedule. Another strategy for get enough
sleep is, I manage my sleeping hours by studying in the morning and go to bed early at night. I
know that to do well in this course, I have to ensure that I stay on schedule. Moreover I have to
avoid extra stressors.

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