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STR 581 Week 4 DQ 1




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STR 581 Week 4 DQ 1
Describe the key characteristics of short-term objectives. How can short-term objectives be
helpful in implementing a firm’s strategy?
Short-term objectives are goals that are designed to be achieved within a year or less in an
organization. The key characteristics of these objectives are generally very specific, usually
quantitative, and are achieved within a very minimal timeframe.
The specifics means that the action plan is written down to know exactly what is to be done from
an operational perspective and defining the specific time frame for results. The accountability
factor is probably the most essential in creating short-term goals because the person needs to
ensure the action plan is actually completed and not just pushed aside as another project that no
one has time to accomplish.
The method to determine how to measure such results is the quantitative element to short-term
goals. Without identifying where the firm is, it also assists with effectiveness and the progress of
each goal. These results will assist a project team to identify its weaknesses and adjust
accordingly before an opportunity becomes a true obstacle to the goal.

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