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COM 537 Week 2 DQ 2




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What information can an organization’s communication—such as vision statements,
mission statements, press releases, and media alerts—provide a consultant?
Corporate Social Responsibility efforts can be effective if framed and channeled
to maximize potential (Heart Seattle Media, LLC, 2011). An annual community event is not
enough to make a significant social effect if the organization does not maintain a culture of
social responsibility throughout the rest of the year. A consultant can help a company gain a
strategic advantage through social responsibility by first determining what the organization
wants to be known for or seen as to the public and other stakeholders. A company’s social
responsibility strategy should align with the overall strategy and goals of the organization.
Once aware of the organization’s goals a consultant can look for ways for the company to
make a lasting impact, to make changes in the area of social responsibility both repeatable
and carrying a cumulative effort. The consultant can help find ways for the company to get
the right kind of visibility that aligns with corporate vision and objectives, research where
involvement will make the biggest impact, determine the willingness and commitment of
employees to social responsibility, and identify ways to connect to the community, help
develop relationships, and create brand recognition.
Heart Seattle Media, LLC. (2011). SeattlePI. Retrieved from

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