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PSY 100 Week 5 Discussion 2




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Week 5 Discussion 2
The Job Interview
Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, identify three (3) statements in the video that you perceive to be
failures of communication as opposed to facilitators of understanding. Determine the
Primary reasons for both the verbal and nonverbal communication failures.
There are several barriers to effective communication. Some of the most common barriers are:
Proposing Solution
Avoiding concerns of others
Judging a person by their appearance or the way they present themselves is greatest mistake
most of the people do. It is not good to speak to a person with prejudgment in the mind. This will
not enhance effective communication rather it will turn into one-sided communication only.
Proposing solution includes advising, questioning, ordering or threatening. This statement from
the video is an example for this I just like it when people do what I tell them to do.” Avoiding
concerns can also be inferred from the statement in the video as such, “I’m pretty sure I already
know what I need to know.”
Effective communication depends on the following factors:
- Direct message
- Proper delivery of message
- Good clarity of message

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The nonverbal reasons that are responsible for communication failure are:
Difference in cultures and gestures used.
Body language
Style of communication.

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