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Bullying Proposal Edited

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Running head: BULLYING IN TEENAGERS Does Bullying Cause Emotional Problems in Teenagers? Student’s Name Grand Canyon University Tutor’s Name December 12, 2018 1 BULLYING IN TEENAGERS 2 Introduction Apparently, the definition of bullying may sound simple with the most obvious and expected definition being the oversimplified conception of big boys harassing the small one in class. However, bullying is composed of various aspects which come in different ways. Firstly, it is different depending on situations, those who are involved and where it is occurring. The definition as per The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, bullying is that bullying is perceived to be unwanted behavior characterized by school-aged children that involves either a real imbalance or a perceived one. Additionally, this behavior is repeated by the quoted range of individuals as the time goes by. With regards to the above definition, bullying is said to be influenced by various factors which hold true that; a) The behavior of the person being bullied is not acceptable by others. b) Mostly the bullying behavior occurs among the school children. c) There is the likelihood that the bully will repeat the same behavior to the victim severally and the accessibility to the victim facilitates it. However, the behavior can occur in varying age brackets but the most common definition of a bully is someone who commits him or herself in bullying behaviors (Copeland et al., 2015). In the even ...
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