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Running head: DECLINE AND FALL OF SOCIETIES AND POLITIES Decline and Fall of Societies and Polities Institution Affiliation Date 1 DECLINE AND FALL OF SOCIETIES AND POLITIES Introduction Empires, states, civilizations, societies, and polities do not last forever regardless of how they may appear prosperous. Several reasons enhance the prosperities of societies such as the use of political sabotage and military conquest. For instance, the Romans who were a militaristic society, they did not directly go out to conquer polities; instead, they took part in many wars. Due to defeating their enemies, they offered the survivors citizenship in return for loyalty. With that in mind, after the leaders in control finally, achieve their objective, they reach the contentment stage. Most leaders mainly focus on gaining wealthy and during the contentment or complacency stage; societies begin to decline and fall due to factors that are contributed by poor governance. The Reason Why Societies and Polities Decline and Fall i. Foreign invasions All societies, states, and economies grow through simple beginnings and then develop to optimal level; however, they end up declining in the same process. For instance, poor governance which is the leading cause of the decline and fall of societies and polities, the leadership weakness contributes to issues like the financial crisis. When there is a financial crisis in governance this means that the states and cities cannot engage in military mission ...
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