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Surname 1 Running head: Strategic business analysis Name Course Professor December 17, 2018 Surname 2 Running head: Strategic business analysis Strategic business analysis Part A 1. Innovator Profile Describe the Bill Gates, officially known as William Henry Gates III, is a popular innovation/innovator American business man who is a key founder of Microsoft Corporation. Type of innovation (e.g. Microsoft Corporation is a company well known for technological product, process, marketing innovations such as computer software, electronics and computer hardware. or organisational) Their most successful computer software includes Microsoft Windows and the Internet Explorer. Its headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. Benefits of the innovation Over the years, the Microsoft Corporation has successfully launched different computer software, including games. It has launched a line of smartphones that are quite competent. The computers developed by this company are of good quality and are popular across the globe. Challenges and problems Decline in the sales in the PC market, mobile phone failure, management and faced by the innovator leadership issues. How they developed the Microsoft corporation’s two founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, founded the innovation with specific company in 1975. It was first known as Micro-Soft, which represented the reference to idea original purpose of the company’s creation: microprocessors and software for Surname 3 Run ...
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