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COM 537 Week 3 DQ 3 Select a small business in your community.




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Select a small business in your community. Briefly analyze the business’s customers or
potential customers and develop a single message for the business. Using the examples
of guerilla marketing, suggest four to five communication strategies the owner can use
to boost the business in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
My husband and I own a small fence company in Tennessee. The company is a
part of our parent company in Ohio, Cedar Grove Fence, that has been family owned for
nearly 60 years. When we opened the Tennessee branch we named it Dixie Fence because our
customer base is the Southern states. Our market is residential, business, and industrial.
Competition in the area is limited and not nearly the quality product that we custom build.
Our single message is: See the Dixie Difference”. Our marketing strategy is primarily
guerrilla marketing due to the low-cost. We have used databases from our local courthouse,
Better Business Bureau, and realtors to establish initial contact and build relationships with
the community. In our first year of business we used the following communication strategies
to boost the business in a cost-effective and efficient manner:
· We placed ads in several local area phone books and business directories.
· We developed a website.
· We put professional signage on all of our business vehicles.
· We developed yard signs.
· We displayed several fence displays on a property in town with signage.
· We canvassed local communities with business cards and brochures.
· We represented the company at several local fairs and festivals.
· We conducted a direct-mail campaign to local realtors, mortgage brokers, and
insurance agents, with a referral bonus program.
· We followed up all contact with personal phone calls.
· We followed up after each completed job with a thank you post card and cash offer
for referral bonuses.
The communication strategy was low-cost, relatively simply to execute, has been effective in
building long-term relationships with customers and the majority of our customer base is now
referrals from previous customers.

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