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Cognitive Psychology Child Development.edited

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Running head: COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – CHILD DEVELOPMENT Cognitive Psychology – Child Development Name Institution 1 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – CHILD DEVELOPMENT 2 Cognitive psychology provides a strategic understanding of individual development based on a number of factors including environment and level of engagement. There is a need to provide a key focus on different factors which influence individual development. An important concept that is integrated into this case is that cognitive development is based on diverse aspects although the process is systematically based on individual growth. Child development is based on a critical focus on essential elements which help attain better outcomes. Different elements have a more significant influence on child development. Environment forms a vital factor in determining child development. The environment encompasses different concepts which are integral in determining child development. Critical understanding of various environmental factors which have a strategic influence on child development is instrumental in developing essential processes which provide a greater understanding of important changes which help outline better concepts that define positive development. Important environmental factors that have a significant influence on child development include family and bonding, physical environment, financial, health and learning (Letourneau, Duffett-Leger, Levac, Watson, & Young-Morris, 2013). Thus, there is a need to ...
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