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COM 537 Week 3 Individual Internal and External Stakeholders




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Running Head: Internal/ external stakeholders
Running Head: Internal/ external stakeholders
Internal/ external stakeholders
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Running Head: Internal/ external stakeholders
Explain the business scenario faced by Best Game Productions
The Business Scenario Best Games Productions is as the name indicates a company
that produces and markets games. The games are in fact a sequel. One major business
technique of Best Games Production is to launch the games in holiday season because the
consumers in this way can purchase the product as the gifts. Development of game is
followed by extensive marketing. Quality checks at company are very tight therefore at times
quality flaws are found in quality control department and then more focus is put on removing
the errors. One such particular law identified is a challenge in maintaining company
A major challenge is to keep the sequel of the game quality product and to maintain
the market. Customers value these game products and a delay may lose the trust and loyalty
of customers thus causing a loss of company in market share. On the other hand, an in time
release may lead to a product that lacks in quality. Now the company needs to solve the
problem in such a way so that the loss is avoided.
Identify the organization’s internal and external stakeholders
Stakeholders are those individuals or entities having their interest and stakes in a matter
or activity (Flechais & Sasse, 2001). In the case of Best Games Productions the stakeholders
include the developers, the marketing team, quality control department, finance department,
the public relations department and the customers. All of these stakeholders have their
specific interests and except the customers, all are the internal stakeholders.
Explain how the business scenario at Best Game Productions affects multiple internal
and external stakeholders
Either a delay in launch of the game or an in time launch with flaws in quality of the
game will affect almost all the stakeholders and will neutralize the efforts made by them. The
marketing team has been involved in creating a word about it before the launch. The public
relations department has played the role in maintaining the customer base and ensuring them

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Running Head: Internal/ external stakeholders
that a newer and better version is about to be launched and a delay may harm the credibility
of the efforts made by the department.
Identify the needs, motivations, and perceptions of each stakeholder
Every stakeholder has a need to be fulfilled and a motivation that keeps them going.
The needs, perceptions and motivations of the stakeholders are as follows:
Developers: developers need to get product cleared from every aspect of quality and
they are motivated by a quality clearance. Developers perceive that the product is complete of
it is fully functional despite flaws in esthetics or interaction.
The marketing team: the marketing team needs a full support of finance team and
developers and they are motivated by high sales that show the marketing has been effective.
They perceive that the idea is as good as its presentation and that quality can be hidden under
effective marketing.
Quality control department: It needs to assure each and every aspect of the product
whether functional or apparent. Quality control department is motivated by finding and
removing flaws and believe that high quality is a source of gaining loyalty of customers.
Finance department: finance team needs a regular supply of funds for projects and is
motivated by wise use of funds and believes that finance is as useful as its use.
Public relations department: Public relations team needs a support of development
and marketing team that helps and motivates them to fulfill promises. It believes that
credibility of organizations is maintained through maintaining customer trust.
Customers: the customer needs in time delivery of product and is motivated by
quality of product. Customer believes that quality can be as good as demanded and paid for.

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