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Dissertation Prospectus Introduction A notable number of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers and professionals in the field of behavior analysis, for over a few decades, have recorded reports showing healthy siblings involvement in care, support and treatment aspects of their mentally ill siblings (Seeman, 2013).There is evidence that parents and healthy siblings who care for mentally ill children (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, generalized anxiety and eating disorders) and developmental disorders such as Autism, experience symptoms of depression such as stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, despair, desolation and other symptoms (Sarris, 2017). Furthermore, studies have shown that children who are exposed to high stress (or distress) environments may develop depression, and also activate genes, based on predisposition, that may ultimately lead to a variety of mental disorders like Post traumatic Stress Disorder including addictions (Sapolsky, 2004).Thus the need for intervention for well siblings at early stages of cognitive development. Historically, the experience of healthy siblings of children suffering with mental illness has been documented by professionals in different fields such as psychiatry, psychology, social work and others (Foster et al., 2016). Sanders and others in a study reported healthy siblings’ negative experiences living with their mentally ill sibling (Sanders et al., 2014). The stress of having a child with disability affects ...
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