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Ingress And Egress Filtering

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Running head: INGRESS AND EGRESS FILTERING Ingress and Egress Filtering Institution Name Date 1 INGRESS AND EGRESS FILTERING 2 Roles of Egress and Filtering in the protection of a network Ingress filtering refers to the filtering of internet protocol packets using sources whose addresses are untrusted before getting the chance to move into the network or system and affect it. This filtering can use to protect network users from attacks that are malicious mainly based on spoofing. In this, the hacker tries to design a packet to appear as it originates from a different location. Egress filtering, on the other hand, refers to a filtering process in which traffic that is outbound from the network is detected. An example of egress filtering is a network firewall. As a system, a firewall restricts unapproved access from or to a private network thus limiting the accessibility of one network using another network (Tetz, 2016). How Protective Isolations Help in Protecting a Network Network isolations are used to protect a network by restricting users from communicating or interacting with other users connected to the network. This only allows the users to use the network without inter ...
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