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Fwd Reflection Essay

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Running head: REFLECTION ESSAY 1 Reflection Essay Name Institution REFLECTION ESSAY 2 Reflection Essay Over the course of my nursing program, I have been able to insightfully learn about the importance of nurses in health care. In many cases, most people view the input of nurses in health care as subsidiary, and they do not really look at their actual contribution into the recovery of patients. After the patients are treated by the physicians, they are cared for by the nurses until they regain the strength to take care of themselves (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2012). The healing process of patients is just as important as the treatment itself, and that outlines the real importance of nurses. While at the hospital, the patients also put all their trust on the nurses to help them recover as quickly as possible; and nurses ensure that they build a positive relationship with them to make them comfortable, thus aid their quick recovery. I believe that patients and health care professionals alike should assist each other in providing the best nursing care. Nurses need to perform their duties with high commitment and dedication and putting the interests of the patients first. Their main g ...
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