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PSY 322 Week 1DQ 1




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According to the text (some explanation is in chapter 3 & the rest is in Chapter 12), which
Generation Age Cohort do you belong to? Do you agree or disagree with the explanation of
your cohort? Explain with specific examples and incorporate the text material in your
My Generation Age Cohort will be generation x, and I do agree with the explanation of the
cohort. It has been said, for example that "Baby boomers live to work, and Gen xers work to
live!" Xers reject the value of older co worker who may neglect their families while striving to
secure higher salaries and career advancement, and many have observed their parents getting laid
off after many years of loyalty to an employer (Schiffman, Kanuk, Wisenblit). I find this
information to be very true, because with me I have passed up a number of promotions at my job
just because it was not satisfying to me and I have watched others take those same promotion
and only work in those positions for a short period of time and get laid off; and when they are
laid off the company replaces them with someone else with a lesser salary. Just because a
position pays more those not make me happy in what I am doing. I am very comfortable in the
position I am in now, although a raise would be nice but I would not care to change positions to
get it.

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Schiffman, Kanuk, Wisenblit/University of Phoenix.. Consumer Behavior. Retrieved from
Schiffman, Kanuk, Wisenblit/University of Phoenix, PSY/322 website.

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