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PSY 322 Week 2 DQ 2




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In your Week Two readings some discussion focuses on consumer behavior and relationship
marketing. Find two products on the Internet or elsewhere that are purchased as a
reflection of the consumers identity (Nike® vs. Reebok®, Pepsi® vs. Coke®, and so on).
Then discuss the impact of the consumer-product relationship and the marketing mix of
each of these selected products. Support with specific examples and material from the text.
Relationship marketing capitalizes on both the customers utilization of complementary brands
and services as well as the overall perceived relationship (loyalty) the customer has with a
specific brand. Two products that are both related to each other (yet can also demonstrate
relationship marketing on their own) are two products I use regularly American Airlines and
American Express. As discussed in Consumer Behavior, “At its heart, relationship marketing is
all about building trust (between the firm and its customers), and keeping promises made to
consumers. Therefore, the emphasis in relationship marketing is almost always on developing
long-term bonds with customers by making them feel special and by providing them with
personalized services” (Schiffman, Kanuk, Wisenblit, p.163).
Both brands create very ‘sticky’ relationships between their customers and their products by
emphasizing benefits awarded based on business volume, tenure and promotional capability. In
the case of American Express, the $350 I spend each year for additional services creates an
additional layer of loyalty. Within the relationship, these brands have the ability to directly target
me with promotional announcements, specialized products and related items that they know I
will have a high propensity to purchase. This lower cost of marketing, higher profitability of the
relationship and long term loyalty equates to the trifecta of commercial relationships steady
earnings, low cost of acquisition and long term growth.

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Schiffman, L. G., Kanuk, L., & Wisenblit, J. Consumer Behavior (10th ed.). Saddle River, NJ:
Prentice Hall.

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