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Hospitality Management Strategic Presentation

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University of Nevada Las Vegas
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Hospitality Management Strategic Presentation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name: Course Code Due Date Current Event Presentation on Social-Cultural Change • • • • Catering to Millennials Tech explosion Influx of international visitors Increased emphasis on health and well-being Catering to Millennials • By 2025, Millennials of age 18 to 34 are expected to represent 50% of all travelers and tourists in the U.S (Jacobs, 2020). • Therefore, catering to millennials affects the hospitality industry because companies are defining their strategies based on this demographic group’s habits and personality Tech Explosion • Tech explosion is also a social-cultural change because the narrative has introduced tech savvy travelers and tourists. • The narrative has impacted the hospitality industry because nowadays tourists and travelers feel comfortable using mobile apps to book travel tickets, book hotels, order their favorite meal, and even advertise a specific tourist location. Influx of International Visitors • Influx of international visitors is also a current event regarding social-cultural change as international leisure travels have been on the rise lately. • Dubai international airport has become the most busiest airport in the contemporary world. • According to “Dubai targets over 5.5 million overseas tourists this year” (2021), In 2019 before the impact of covid-19, 16.7 million tourists visited Dubai for leisure tra ...
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