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COM 537 Week 5 DQ 1




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In evaluating your consultant communications, how would you determine your own
effectiveness after completing your communications? What are some tools that you could
use to measure the effectiveness of your consultant communications?
The most important step necessary for determining the effectiveness of
communication happens prior to the communication. If you do not set goals for communication
in the planning process then you will never know how effective you are. To improve
communication you have to know how you are doing. For each communication a consultant
should determine what question you are trying to answer for the audience. Asking questions is an
effective tool for measuring communication effectiveness. What are we trying to accomplish?
What will the problem look like when it is solved? These questions engage the audience and
provide feedback throughout the consulting project. A formal feedback meeting at the end of a
project will provide the consultant with information on how the client feels about the
effectiveness of communication and the project. Questionnaires can be used to get feedback from
stakeholders in the project to determine how effective they think the consultant was at
communicating. Ask the client if you met their expectations, if the results of the project were
what they expected based on your project launch meeting and communication throughout.
Communication is about transferring information to the receiver in a way that they understand it
as you intended so the best way to see if you were effective is to ask the audience. A face-to-face
feedback meeting with the client with whom you have the contract and key project players is
most effective. For employees involved in the project, the consultant may want to allow for
anonymous feedback so that employees feel free to answer honestly and without repercussion.
The key is to set expectations from the beginning, establish a communication plan, and adhere to
it. If changes are needed along the way, those changes should be clearly communicated as well.
When expectations are established in the planning process it is easier to measure effectiveness
and determine whether or not the expectations have been met.

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