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Lpn Transition

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Running Head: LPN TO RN TRANSITION PAPER 1 LPN to Rn Transition Paper Student’s name: Institution: Date: LPN TO RN TRANSITION PAPER 2 Anyone who has been a licensed practical nurse and worked with the registered nurses in the same work environment can attest that they have at some point admired the work of registered nurses. However, whereas being a professional registered nurse may appear lucrative, there is a whole journey that one needs to undergo before they can get there. One ought to undergo an entire nursing program before they can make the transition. I am part of that group of people that want to transit from being an LPN to a registered nurse. The strongest drive behind this ambition is the passion and benefits that come with the change. Reasons for the Transitions After completing my Licensed Practical Nursing program back in 2009, I wanted to continue and pursue my RN degree right away. However, due to some factors, I was not able to go back to RN school right away. During that time I needed to work full time for me to pay my bills and to be able to help out my family. After working as an LPN for few years, I came to realize that it was about time for me to go back to school and pursue what I have always wanted to become, which is being a Registered Nurse. Multiple reasons prompted me to seek education from being a licensed practical nurse to a professional registered nurse. I believe that pursuing my Associate’s Degree in nursing will allow me to improv ...
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