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COM 537 Week 5 Individual Interal and External




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Internal and External Persuasive Communication Memo 1
Running Head: Internal and External Persuasive Communication Memo
Internal and External Persuasive Communication
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Internal and External Persuasive Communication Memo 2
Best Games Production
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Subject: Quality of Game and Delay in Launch of Product GX-567
The team knows that we have recently developed a game that was sent to the quality
assurance team to be reviewed and analyzed from fictional and esthetic perspective. Therefore in
last week the Product GX-567 is reviewed by the quality assurance team and found is to have
some quality concerns that need to be fixed before we launch it. We are lucky to have identified
the problem which would have otherwise been identified by people outside organization and
would have been a cost to our reputation.
A major challenge is to keep the sequel of the game quality product and to maintain the
market. Customers value these game products and a delay may lose the trust and loyalty of
customers thus causing a loss of company in market share. On the other hand, an in time release
may lead to a product that lacks in quality. Now the company needs to solve the problem in such
a way so that the loss is avoided.
Quality Concern
Quality Assurance is about all the processes and procedures that thoroughly watch
different features of a service, process or facility to spot, correct and guarantee that quality
standards are being met. Quality is not only a major concern for all the technology production
organizations generally but is also a major focus of Best Games Production. A question mark on
our products would lead assumptions like questionable functionality of games, inability to fulfill
our promises, internal conflicts and slowed down development process. To shed these
assumptions and stop them from arising again, the quality issues mentioned in the report must be
fully understood and resolved.

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