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Palliative Care

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Running head: PALLIATIVE CARE 1 Palliative Care Giving Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation PALLIATIVE CARE 2 Palliative care refers to the service and attention given to those patients who are terminally ill, especially by elaborate health facilities. It is aimed at improving the quality of life of both patient and family members experiencing the pains of terminal ailment. While it is a fairly broad definition, it works and translates differently depending on the people receiving the care and the people giving the care. Different people have different needs and wishes while undergoing palliative care. It is not a rare occurrence to have palliative care givers operate and go about their care giving oblivious of the small details that their patients would have wanted handled for a worthwhile experience. A big misconception about palliative care is that it is an abandonment of hope for a cure. On the contrary, palliative care is often given in combination with curative treatment for patients. It is common practice to have both palliative care and curative treatment simultaneously. It is especially common for patients undergoing stage four cancer. There are a number of tra ...
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