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Function Generators And Oscilloscopes Lab Report

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Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Function Generators and Oscilloscopes Lab Report Summary of Results and Discussion The purpose of the experiment was to measure signal characteristics using an oscilloscope as well as to determine how the impedance settings of the oscilloscope affect the measurement of both voltage and frequency of signals generated from a function generator. Function generators are sources of signals used to provide signals of particular voltages and shape within a specified time. On the other hand, oscilloscopes are mostly used to analyze signals. Precisely, oscilloscopes help in studying both the timing and voltage characteristics of a signal. Like other measurement devices, an oscilloscope is not ideal. Oscilloscopes introduce some loading effects to the circuits for which signals are to be measured thus affecting the accuracy of the measurement (Czech 250). Appropriate configuration of the oscilloscope’s settings can tremendously reduce the loading effects of the device. To increase accuracy and precision of any signal measurement, it is always important to understand how to appropriately configure the settings of the oscilloscope. The experiment involved the use of function generator (model 33500B) and an oscilloscope (TDS 3052). Figure 1 shows the experimental setup in which the two devices were connected using a probe (BNC cable). Figure 1: Experimental Setup The experiment was conducted in five different parts. Part I involved the generation of ...
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