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Response To Discussions

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Running Head: RESPONSE TO DISCUSSIONS Response to Discussions Name Institutional Affiliation RESPONSE TO DISCUSSIONS 2 Response Joshua I agree with your findings findings that Kepler-186f exoplanet lies 151 parsecs away from earth. According to Kramer (2014), the planet was discovered 492 years from earth. The planet was named Earth’s cousin. The exoplanet is said to be most closet to earth in size with its density and mass being unknown. According to Culler (2017), NASA developed a science data analysis that confirmed that the axial tilt of Kepler-186f to be stable like earth’s tilt. To confirm the student’s information on Kepler-186f, Kramer (2014) states that studies have shown that this is the first time that a planet whose size is closer to earth has been discoveredin the habitable region of its star. However, the planet might be shaped like earth,but it might not be like earth. RESPONSE TO DISCUSSIONS 3 References Culler, J. (2017). Kepler-186f, the First Earth-size Planet in the Habitable Zone. NASA. Retrieved from Kramer, M. (2014). 5 Things to Know About Alien Planet Kepler-186f, “Earth’s Cousin.”Space. Retrieved from RESPONSE TO DISCUSSIONS 4 Response to Marco I agree with the Marco that MASCARA-1b is the first exoplanet to be discovered with the Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA. According to ...
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