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BUS303 Human Resources Management Job Description Paper






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Job Description
BUS303 Human Resources Management

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Job description
With today’s economy and the world constantly changing responsibilities of human
resource managers are more important today than ever. Some of the topics that I will be address
in this Job description paper are everyday tasks, educational requirement selection methods, and
tools, technology knowledge.
I’m currently an Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS) in the navy. It’s not an
easy job it can be very demand at times. The road to become an Aviation Support Equipment
Technician takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We have several task that we are responsible
for doing on a daily bases. Performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on Aircraft
support equipment, troubleshooting and repair of diesel engines, gas turbine compressor systems,
brake systems, transmission systems, welding and structural repair. As well as Air Conditioning
and Refrigeration Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, (i.e. adjustment, troubleshooting and
repair of Mobile Electrical Power Plant Systems, Aircraft Tow Tractors electrical systems,
Forklift electrical systems, and numerous other support equipment electrical systems. Mobile
Maintenance Facility Maintenance, (i.e. electrical/structural corrosion control, Mobile facility
van complexing, adjustment, troubleshooting and repair of environmental control units).
Cryogenic Equipment Maintenance, (i.e. adjustment, troubleshooting and repair of gaseous and
liquid oxygen servicing systems, gaseous nitrogen servicing systems and oxygen system purge
Support Equipment Management, Training and Licensing, (i.e. Planning, organization,

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scheduling and implementation of daily maintenance tasks and training requirements). If we
unable to do our jobs successfully then aircrafts are unable to fly and completed mission.
Some of the requirements require becoming an Aviation Support Equipment technician is
a high school diploma. Then you have to take an ASVAB test, which test your reading, math,
vocabulary and comprehension skills, and then you have a face to face interview with the detailer
is required. This test is important because the military wants to know if able to handle the stress
and responsibility of the job call an Some of the tools that we use to perform our jobs on a day
to day basis are very dangerous and you have to be trained and certified to you them. if you are
not paying attention you potentially harm the equipment harm or event kill yourself.

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