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BUS370 Final Paper Week 5 Organizational_Development






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Organizational Development
BUS370: Organizational Development

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Organizational Development
Organizations are companies and industry that have been created out of need or a vision and the
desire to provide services or a product to a certain group of people. The intentions of
organizations as time lapses can be transformed because of trends that are forming, and the
change in economy or maybe because needs change. Change is inevitable in all things and is
necessary for development. Due to these reasons organizational development is needed in
organizations. This brings us to the fact that with today’s constant changes in the world,
organizations have chosen to use what is known as Organizational Development (OD) to help
assist in the creating of a more effective and healthier organization and the promotion of personal
growth and development which is the result of systematic change. Our professional and personal
lives are continuously being affected by change. Change allows us to be able to use the different
types of strategies to achieve our goals in life whether they are personal or professional. The
research that I have done on OD processes will help to enable me in my present job and also in
my future with professional goals that I choose.

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Organizational Development
“Organizational development is defined as an emerging discipline aimed at improving the
effectiveness an organization and its members through a systematic change program (Brown,
2011). We are in a unique time when it comes to organizational development, technology is
pushing the envelope of what is possible; change is the operative word, according to Craig R.
Seal (2002). He also states that there is a new group of “knowledge workers” who are not
satisfied with what is known as traditional management technologies. Business requires constant
change to be able to maintain a competitive advantage in manpower, profit, production and even
with shareholders returns on investment. Many different factors influence how an organization
will implement change; new technologies, new innovative intentions, projects that are team-
based, and even competition of the product they produce. Organizations due to these influences
have to develop techniques and strategies that will be aimed at improving the overall
effectiveness of the employees and the organization. Where I am employed they are constantly
changing pricing to try to increase sales and bring in more customers. These changes are to
balance out with what other rental companies offer their products for. They have also changed in
house how we are able to follow up with past customers by implementing a new system for
making sales calls. They say this will better help us to keep track of who has rented from us and
who we may call to invite back into the store to rent from us again.
Fletcher and Taplin’s written work discusses six very distinct and very predictive phases
that can take an organization through three developmental stages; preadolescence
(entrepreneurial and directive), adolescence (coordinative and delegate), and adulthood
(teamwork and alliance). The first stage being the entrepreneurial is the start up and the survival
and the directive phase is where the operations are being taken into control and centralizing the

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