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COM 200 Final Paper Is Global Warming a Genuine Threat to the Planet Earth






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Global Warm
Is Global Warming a Genuine Threat to the Planet Earth?
COM 200
Is Global Warming a Genuine Threat to the Planet Earth?
One of the things I have been keeping track of when it comes to environmental

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Global Warm
ethics is global warming. We are all responsible for the increase in global warming
because of all the chemicals we release into our atmosphere. From aerosols to carbon
monoxide emissions, we as modern humans have all contributed to the making and the
growth of the hole in our ozone layer. By doing this, the temperature of the air has risen
and so has the temperature of the water. This is causing our polar ice caps to melt at an
increasing and alarming rate. If something does not change soon and drastically, the ice
caps will be completely melted by the year 2040, causing the sea level to rise, and
ultimately putting a lot of highly populated areas of land under water. There is not
anything we can do to fix the damage, but there are things we can do to postpone the
inevitable. Possibly even get to the point where it does not get any worse. We can do
these things on a large and small scale. The average person does not think he or she can
do anything that will make a difference, but it all adds up.
“Bill Blakemore of ABC News in a report as far back as 2006 found that the
Earth is melting at both ends, which could harm coastal towns. All of this melting is
thought to be directly related to humans and greenhouse gases. Things like carbon
dioxide, nitrous, and methane gas are all contributing factors.”(Scheid,
Jean; On a global scale, the

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Global Warm
big car makers could help by lowering emissions. The electric car companies can find
ways to make their products more affordable to the average person. The government
could stop pork barrel spending and use the money to create wind turbines and fund
research for other types of fuel besides oil. Our dependence on oil is probably one of the
major factors in the global warming trend. A lot of people do not believe that we are the
main cause of global warming, that nature’s volcanoes and natural methane emissions are
the cause, but Olay Orheim, the head of the Norwegian Polar Year Secretariat says, “we
must take action now”.
On a more personal level, we can all contribute by not using aerosol, recycling,
riding a bike to work, and just be aware of all the things that are contributing to the
damage. We could vote for the candidates who have global warming on their ‘to fix’ list.
There are many things we could do, but before we can do them, we have to learn more
about the facts, the studies, and the results of all the research that has been done already.
Once people know more about it, they may be more cautious of their actions.
It is not the way people live that will cause the sea level to rise, it is the
breaking off of the icebergs, and the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. With the water

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