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Running Head: WRITING 1
EDU623: Introduction to Teaching & Learning (MRA1331B)

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Writing and researching are essential elements to teaching and learning. When writing
any assignment, it is important to look for valid information to support our theory; but it is also
important to write it correctly. When writing, I have strengths and weaknesses that are clearly
visible. I try to proofread to help me find grammatical errors and any other mistakes I may have
made in my work. As children we are taught how to write, but as we get older the way write
develops based on our strengths and weaknesses.
Writing doesn’t always come naturally. There are sometimes individuals that can write
with proper grammar and wonderful vocabulary skills. It is not something that you learn over
night, but something we develop our writing skills throughout the years. This is why having an
education is very important. As children we learn the alphabets and words that are associated
with the letters. Once we learn most of them teachers than teach us how to construct simple
sentences. Eventually, we are taught what verbs, nouns and pronouns are and how to utilize
them when constructing sentences. In this process they teach us ne words and how to spell them
as well as how to use them correctly in sentences. Grammar is very important because it helps
the reader get an understanding of what we are trying to say. There are different ways to write
and having knowledge of how to write it can make a difference on how strong is your writing.
There are ways for teachers to evaluate what our strengths and weaknesses are and how
we can work on strengthening our weaknesses. These assessments cannot only show us where
our problem lays but also tells teachers how to help us further, which helps them create a
learning portfolio. “A learning portfolio is a purposeful collection of artifacts and performances
related to a learners effect, progress, or achievement. (Armstrong, Henson & Savage, 2009, p.

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191) A learning portfolio can change when we show signs of improvement, but can also change
if we don’t because they are constructed to help us in every way possible.
When I was younger I always had difficulty writing. Most of my problems were because
of my vocabulary skills because I struggled with certain words. As I became older I worked on
my vocabulary to strengthen my weakness. It wasn’t always easy but I never stopped working
on it. Nowadays, I continue working on my vocabulary and at times I use a thesaurus to help me
utilize different works that mean the same such as create and construct. Technology has made
this a bit easier because when writing we can utilize the thesaurus within Microsoft Office to
help us choose these words.
I also had difficulty with punctuation marks. I didn’t always and at times have difficulty
with certain punctuation marks such as the semi-colon. I know it can be used when we would
normally end a sentence, but can also choose to add to the sentence without ending it and
confusing the readers. Of course, it is always easier to end a sentence with the normal
punctuation marks, but using different ones show how good your writing can be.
When it comes to doing assignments where I have to research information I am good at
interpreting what I have researched. It isn’t always easy but I utilize my strengths to help me
develop a well written paper. We can do all the research we want, but if we do not know how to
word the information correctly it can affect the grade we get. Once of my strongest strengths is
how I can interpret what I read to at times clarify what the information is saying. There are
many ways to say something, but to actually interpret what we have read and construct a paper
on the information can be difficult. I first look to see if I understand what I am writing about. It
is important to know what you will be discussing because you need to know what you are
researching. Once that is done you have to try to gain an understanding on what you have

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