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English 1101 The American Dream Is Still Alive Today Essay 4






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English 1101
The American Dream Is Still Alive Today
This country was founded on an idea, and from this idea came the American Dream. This
dream has inspired millions of people from nations across the entire world. Even today, people
still chase their part of the American Dream. The American Dream still encourages freedom,
equality, and opportunity for all people.
America offers freedom to refugees and tries to establish freedom in other countries by
introducing democracy. Refugees come to America to escape living in extreme conditions such
as war and poverty. Refugees are able to come into the United States and walk in peace. They
can escape harmful living areas and no longer worry about lack of food or violence. Immigrants
are able to obtain better wages than the countries they come from, this in turns, allows them to
provide a better life and opportunities for their families. The American Dream furthermore offers
the right to freedom of speech and religion. In certain Islamic countries, the females are

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unlawfully put to death or harmed for just speaking in public, as well as, wanting to going to
school. In contrast, the United States compiles of hundreds of diverse religions. In the United
States, people are free to worship any god they choose. People can choose be a Christian, Jew,
Baptist, Buddhist, Muslim, or anything else. Likewise, the America Dream reaches to other
countries by encouraging democratic system in other countries. During the Iraq war, the United
States helped Iraq establish a democratic system and hold an election. The American Dream still
encourages freedom and many immigrants take advantage of this.
Secondly, the American Dream offers equality to all men, women, and children in the
United States despite race or sexual preference. Gay rights are a huge issue of equality in the
United States. Same sex couples are slowly advancing in the same rights as heterosexual couples.
They are now able to marry, receive health insurance, serve in the military, file joint taxes, and
become parents. There are so many races and ethnicities here in America, because of this, the
United States is known and celebrated as the melting pot. Children of all races and ethnicities
can dream the American Dream of become president, just like Barack Obama, the first black
president. According to David Kamp,” commentators say Barack Obama achieved the American
Dream by getting elected president”(308). As previously stated, equality reaches all the way
down to our children. Here in America children receive the right to be protected and taken care
of, however, in other countries, children are starving and left to fend for themselves. In the
United States, children are able to receive many different types of support. From my past
experience raising two foster children for three years, children are taken care of through
programs like free lunch, SNAP (Supplemental Assistance Program), and TANF( Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families). These government programs provide food for children whose
parents might not be able to afford it.

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Lastly, the opportunity to gain the American Dream has become easier to achieve. Laws
passed have made getting a good job easier for people. All employers are required to provide fair
wages to all employees. The American Dream also encourages people to work hard and climb
the corporate ladder to success. Sandra Hanson and John Zogby examine a public opinion poll
that observes trends on the American Dream being achievable. Hanson and Zogby reveal, “most
Americans continue to believe that working hard is the most important element for getting ahead
in the United States” (570). The poll data also show that” most Americans were satisfied with
the opportunity to get ahead in the United States by working hard” (581). In the same way, the
American Dream offers the opportunity for all people to pursue a higher education, through
financial aid. College is affordable through various scholarships, whether academic, athletic, or
other. In the editorial, Reclaim the Dream by Barack Obama, believes “we all share a faith in
simple dreams; a job with wages that can support a family, health care that we can count on and
afford, a retirement that is dignified and secure, as well as, education and opportunity for our
kids” (16). Furthermore, Obama emphasizes,” We need to reclaim the American Dream because
it is worth fighting for” (16). One of the most prevalent ways to obtain the American Dream is by
becoming rich and famous. Some people gain fame through television, sports, and
entrepreneurship. Reality television has become a very popular way of attaining the dream.
Regular people can become famous by just being themselves and appearing on reality television
shows. Shows like Basketball Wives, the Real Housewives series, and Honey Boo Boo are
examples of this. In addition, many athletes go from poverty to stardom by playing the sport they
love. Another example of gaining fame and riches is entrepreneurship. Business owners start
from something small and can grow into huge corporations. There are so many opportunities to
reach the American Dream.

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