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Heats Of Reaction

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Running head: HEATS OF REACTION Heats of Reaction Institution Affiliation Name of Professor Name of the Student Date of Submission 1 HEATS OF REACTION 2 Introduction The purpose of the experiment was to determine heat of reaction for dissolution of solid KOH, solid KOH with aqueous HCL, aqueous KOH with aqueous HCL and lastly, to use Hess’ Law in comparing additive heats of reaction. Among the equipment and materials used during the experiment comprise of: - pH paper, thermistor, watch glass, Styrofoam cup, HCL solution, solid KOH among others. Throughout the experiment, a Styrofoam cup was used as the calorimeter to determine the exact amount of heat energy released. For accuracy purposes, one of the reactions chosen was expressed as a combination of the other two reactions. By doing so, heat of reaction for one reaction was obtained to be equal to sum of heat of reaction of the other two reactions. Such a concept is referred to as additivity of heat of reactions or Hess’s Law. Procedure and observations Part 1 The mass of the 50 mL beaker that was dried and clan was found and recorded on the spreadsheet. Approximately 2 to 3 grams of KOH pellets were weighed and put in to the dry clean beakers. The exact masses of the beaker and KOH was then recorded on the spreadsheet. A Microlab experiment was then prepared for recording both the time and temperature by use of a thermistor. A graph was prepared with time along the X- axis and temperature along the Y-axis. Next, ...
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