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Running head: CYBER SECURITY
Cyber Security and the Boston Marathon
Ashford University HSM 497

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Cyber security and the Boston Marathon
The world once again was left in disbelief and distraught as yet another attack on
April 15 2013left many citizens asking the question of why and how could this happen.
After this tragedy I think all of Americans have asked many questions concerning the
horrific scene that left three dead and one hundred seventy six wounded. As for the tone
of such an event many was in left in shock and disbelief of what had happened. The
research question that I will focus on is “Could the bombing at the Boston Marathon in
April have been prevented”? This question is important not only to Homeland Security
and Emergency Management but to the average American citizen because they want to
understand and believe they are secure in corporate America. With terrorism on the rise
and the media reporting true cold facts about the government being unstable is enough
concerns that make the average person stop and wonder. The importance on coming up
with a developed plan to end terrorism abroad is great but also realizing that the enemy is
already living among us is quite the eye opener.
The first hypotheses is that with the Boston Marathon being a major sporting
event such as this because it is known to be one of the oldest annual marathon known in
history there should have been enough police presence to have stopped this from
The second hypothesis would be that with the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and
Protection Act otherwise known as CISPA events such as this tragedy should have never
taken place because it could have been detected prior to the placement of the pressure
cookers and noticed.
My third hypothesis would be after all our country has been through and going
into the second decade after 9/11our Homeland Security response should be different and
we take control of terrorism.

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Based on the original question, Could the bombing at the Boston Marathon in
April have been prevented the answer to the first hypothesis it seems that whatever we as
Americans do we will always draw attention to ourselves because it is our way of life.
Based on a conversation from a former high ranking official named Joseph Wippl is that
we cannot stop every terrorist attack foreign or domestic. There are no guarantees and
basically impossible to believe that we can stop every attack and not feasible. There have
been many foiled attempts but we cannot get them all. The second hypothesis is over the
Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act which has been controversial since the Act
was introduced to Congress. With the initial assistance this Act is suppose allow the
tightening of surveillance measures and gives the NSA an upper advantage of collecting
various types of data concerning privacy among companies versus risking the security of
a nation. Believe it or not with all of the billions of dollars spent to Homeland Security
the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon were captured thanks to the average social media
network site known as Twitter in which the police department in Boston utilizes
frequently to perform human relations activities. The third hypothesis is that after nearly
after twelve years later our threats has increased, our technology is top-notch and our
tactics have evolved but yet the laws in which to govern the terrorist society is not up
with our ways.
Many Americans today have an overall general sense of being safe from day to
day despite the constant violence from our own society and not terrorist. Many times we
are our worst enemies among ourselves until a crisis devastates an entire society at once.

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