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MGT330 Five Functions Final Paper






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Small Business Crossroads
MGT330: Management for Organizations (CMB1306A)

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This paper is written and based on my current experience working in a small
business, and how I have learned to understand and identify the fundamentals of
the business through the course material. This paper will also outline and go into
detail about what works and what I see that needs to be changed to move
forward in order for the business to be successful.
Right now I am working at a separately owned detail center behind a car
dealership. The five functions and how the manager implements them are as
follows. We’ll start with planning; this is the most crucial step in the process from
the start continuing on through the business’s life until the end. There is a variety
of controls function from around three to eight brought out in my research but
planning is always there and always first. This also includes forecasting which is
vital to meet goals and help with future planning. At the place where I work
planning is very on the spot. Meaning that from day to day there is a new plan of
either something the boss thinks up or to accommodate a change in the work
load or environment. The only goals that seem to be a continuing factor are to
clean the cars as fast as possible and pump out volume even though employees
get paid hourly.
Next we’ll move on to organizing. To organize a business you have to provide it
with everything it needs to function as a unit. Materials, tools, capital and
personnel are all necessities. As in where I work the activities and objectives are

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clearly laid out and most of the activities are grouped in a logical pattern.
Organizing also involves delegating authority to other people so they can do the
work without constant supervision. Unfortunately my boss does not take this to
heart. Instead he micro manages and waste precious productive time. Organizing
is to help the company run faster and smoother but the objectives and the
constant change in them will only slow a company down.
Let’s get into staffing. Staffing can be tricky, it involves finding the right or
closest person to fill the right position. Then there’s training then, fixing the pay
rate and adjusting it accordingly dependent upon the employee and managers
performance. The place where I work has a very high turnover rate for a few good
reasons. The job is hard work and is out in the elements. The boss/owner is very
difficult to deal with and is constantly micromanaging his employees even those
that have done the job for more than a year. This is unfortunately backfiring on
him. Staffing is also a numbers game. You need just enough personnel to take
care of the work load without it being too easy or too difficult.
Last but not least the control functions. While planning is part of control, control
is post mortem. But it is not simply to look at what happened but rather what
worked and what changes need to be made to fix any negative influences.
Managers explain what the work entails and what the end result should be. If the
work being done is way of course this is where the control function comes in to
keep a closer eye to prevent these problems in the future. This way the control
function helps the planning stay on course. There are measurements taken to
compare accomplishments against the standard, to analyze, to fix the chain of

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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.