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Assignment 3: Software Engineering, CMMI, and ITIL




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Assignment 3: Software Engineering, CMMI, and ITIL
Tatiana Allen
Strayer University
CIS 558: IT Audit and Control
Professor Basta
August 10, 2014

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In order to build better software applications the organization should comply with the
basic rules and regulations and should keep updating the standards of the implementation. SDLC
is the life cycle process of the software application. In order to achieve better software the
organization should meet certain standards one of such standard is CMMI level which is used by
the various organizations in order to be competent.
Software Engineering Process:
This process includes all the processes required for the development of the software. This
cycle is known as Software Development Cycle. It consists of five different phases: Requirement
Phase; Design Phase; Implementation Phase; Verification Phase and the Maintenance Phase. In
the initial phase requirements for the development are collected.( Byrnes, Paul, and Mike
Phillips. , 1996). Then the designing of the business model is done. After the designing the
implementation of the business model is made. Then the designed application is tested and
verified and maintenance part is followed which includes the maintenance of the application.
Below is the pictorial representation:

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Challenges in managing software development activities: The challenges occur can be divided
under three major events:
Management Events: This includes problems associated with the unrealistic time
estimates, poor management and poor communication with the team.
Business Events: These events include challenges associated with the wrong
understanding of the project requirements, scope and user needs.
Technical Events: This includes challenges such as poor testing of the system, poor
quality of the code and the poor understanding of the end user needs.
Potential interface issues from the software development perspective: There are various
interfacing issues from the development perspective:
Design compromises: In order to meet the interfacing of the applications, the designer
needs to make some compromises on the programming front to make the application
Budget overrun: The problems associated with the complexities in the interfacing leads to
the budget overruns.
Delays: The overall problems in the interfacing add to the overall delay.
CMMI: CMM provides a framework which describes the element of “process maturity” in
context of the SDLC. It also includes or provides special practices in order to achieve “process
maturity”. This is used by the various organizations in order to improve the overall process of the
SDLC.( Grady, Robert B., 1997) CMMI consists of five different levels. CMMI 3 is focused on
the organization and engineering support.
Road map To CMMI 3: In order to reach CMM level 3, It should fulfill all the requirements
mentioned in level 2 and level 3.The basic guidelines says that the each previous level standards

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